Emerging talents

Emerging Talents

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Emerging Talents

In a quickly changing and increasingly unstable world, designing for the better has become an urgent imperative. How are designers taking on this task whilst simultaneously building a shared and long-lasting legacy? In the exhibition Emerging Talents, a new generation of Swiss and Swiss-based designers attempts to answer this question. The exhibition features a collection of objects from a variety of design disciplines that embody the essential qualities of functional aesthetics whilst simultaneously contributing to the establishment of a more resilient and sustainable world for everyone.

 Emerging Talents Booklet

Alena Halmes, Alix Arto, Emma Casella, Gradient Atelier, Léon Félix, Paula Cermeño León, Studio Carolien Niebling, Studio Marthins, Studio Topo
Exhibition Design: Work Matter (Elie Fazel, Valentin Sieber)
Brochure: Adeline Mollard with Alberto Malossi
Photography: Sara Bastai